Who Are We?

Who is Service Associates of America? 

We are a thirty-two-year-old, full service telephone-marketing firm offering inbound, outbound and call blended services. As a mid-size company, we've enjoyed a variety of experiences with both business to business and business to consumer accounts. We have experience in all areas of the sales and marketing processes ... from qualifying leads to setting appointments ... from raising funds for not-for-profit organizations to conducting marketing surveys. 

Our Technology 

We are fully automated with 48 telephone representative stations. Our call processor offers state-of-the-art telemarketing technology. It allows us to offer inbound, outbound or call blended services. It also offers our clients dynamic branch logic scripting capabilities which allow us to track over 250 data variables. What this means to our clients is that we have the capability to meet their most demanding needs.

Our IT department manages our fully automated environment. All programs are customized to meet our clients' requirements-from scripting to results reporting.  Thus, we can streamline our programs' implementation and information transmission to improve efficiencies.