Inbound Capabilities

Service Associates of America prides itself on its ability to handle all forms of inbound telephone contact programs.  Our specialty is servicing projects involving 1,000 to 5,000 calls per day. Many of the largest inbound telemarketing service bureaus cannot economically handle smaller projects, so they are forced to set minimum charge levels that make them fiscally unattractive for smaller clients.  

At Service Associates of America, your project can be assured our dedicated attention.

Our inbound and call blended service is available 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We can provide a toll-free number for you or use an existing one.

Among the projects in which Service Associates of America excels:

-Product Sales Processing
-Order Fulfillment
-Product Sales Upgrade
-Complaint Referrals
-Emergency Calls
-Product Information
-Adjunct to Outbound
-Employee Pre-Screening
-Prospect Qualifying
-Market Research

Outbound Capabilities

Our outbound programs are fully automated with 48 telephone representative stations. Our system offers predictive outbound or call blended calling.  The system also has comprehensive script branching features.

-Precursor Calls to Mailing
-List Updating/Verification
-Lead Generation
-Direct Sales Promotion
-Market Research
-Polling and Surveys
-Customer Satisfaction
-Market Penetration
-Shareholder Relations
-Follow-Up to Inbound